CKC (Структурированная кабельная система)
Saturday, 03 April 2010 07:48

Structured cabling system - is the foundation for any modern organization's infrastructure, which allows to combine several information services for different purposes, whether a local area network, telephony, access control, CCTV, fire and security systems.

SCS can combine individual subsystems into one organization, bringing with it not only made a separate department, but also a complex of buildings located on the same territory, and sometimes beyond. In fact, SCS is a set of brass (either: UTP, FTP, TRP, or coaxial cable) and optical fiber cables, panels, cable connectors, media converters and support equipment, integrated into a single system working, according to security policies and rules of networking . 

In the main types of work on installation of SCS include:
* installation of cable channels; 
* laying of cables in cable channels; 
* installation of sockets for RJ-45 (if necessary); 
* Installation of RACKs; installation and gasket patch panels; 
* swage cable, etc. 
* configuration of routers, servers and other equipment 

We are not tied to how a "template" structured cabling systems.

«Fastcom» has not only structured cabling systems from scratch, but redesigns existing. That is, if you already have ready telephone network, we can supplement it with: local area network with internet connection, a system of accounting of working hours, security and fire alarm and video surveillance. 

We design various topologies SCS, depending on customer requirements, using many advanced technologies.



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